Thursday, 20 October 2011

Smart Pen for iPad/iPhone #eFun

I've just seen this article and thought it might be of interest to our growing number of tablet users, specifically the iPad users.

Having spent some time with lecturers talking about how they can use these tablets to help with their teaching, a number have asked about the availability of a stylus and whether you can use them to write on the tablet.

With the technology that is used for the multi-touch devices - capacative technology - a normal stylus doesn't work due to the requirement of electrical properties from the human body for the screen to know where you are touching.  You can purchase a type of stylus that replicates this electrical property, but they are only as accurate as a finger with regard to writing.

The Engadget article states
Want to write on your tablet without all of the requisite finger grease? How about a stylus? Too pedestrian? What about a Smart Pen? Better yet, what about the aPen A5 Smart Pen? eFun's peripheral includes a stylus and a receiver that hooks into your iPad or iPhone's 30 pin connector, digitizing your handwriting or drawings via a number of compatible apps, including the company's own free Studio Basic Light. The A5 is set, broadly, for a release some time in 2012, and should run you around $99 whenever it actually hits the market.

This is a really interesting concept and may work well with our eFeedback & eAssessment iPad project.

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