Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Exploring UCS and Ipswich - An Interactive Campus Tour #Layar

During a previous Elevate Development Sprint we create a layer in the Augmented Reality "Layar" app.  The sprint was designed to allow us to test the technology and to find possibly uses for this application.

Since the sprint we have spoken with our Marketing & External Relations team to show them what we developed.  This seemed to fit very well with the work of the Student Recruitment Team, they wanted to create a more interactive campus tour, for open days and visits from prospective students.  The Student Recruitment Team had already starting gathering current students' favourite places around campus and around the town.  We were able to plot these locations on our layer, allowing them to be viewable once the user had downloaded the free "Layar" app, they can then view the "UCS" layer.

Below is a view of the places plotted on the map, this view is also available in a list, or the very visual camera view, where it overlays the locations on the phones screen in real time, so when you are looking at certain locations/buildings the screen will tell you what those are:

Locations on map

Not only do we show the locations that the students' chose, but we also display their comments about the locations, this also allows others to reply to those comments.  As well as being able to see the comments, open times, menu and other information is available.

Student Comments

The Student Recruitment Team produced a "Welcome to UCS Ipswich" brochure, which tells the reader about downloading the app.  This brochures also has embedded video content about locations around the campus, simply by downloading the UCS Connect app, readers can watch videos by holding their mobile device over the appropriate pages.

Welcome to UCS IpswichLayar App UCS Connect Embedded Video

We are now working with our Induction Planning Team to enhance the tour for new students arriving in September.

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