Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kurogo Mobile Project Plan: Elevate Team

Kurogo Icon As highlighted in the Projects & Pilots section, we will be undertaking a small pilot (proof of concept) project using the Kurogo Mobile Framework. The aim of this project is to build on our initial work in this area, and give us a focus to report back to various groups at UCS, to inform further and wider discussion.

The Elevate Team don't view Kurogo as a learning technology, therefore, it is not something we'd have an obvious ownership over. However, we are interested especially around the location based services as this offers potential interfaces with our existing augmented reality work using Layar and Aurasma.

The broad aims of the project are:

  1. install the Kurogo Mobile Framework on our test server and evaluate if there is a technical fit with UCS

  2. review how the Kurogo Mobile Framework has been deployed at other institutions (

  3. design and develop a number of mobile learning scenarios which are deployed using the Kurogo Mobile Framework

  4. disseminate the product and outcomes to other interested parties at UCS, including, Marketing, IT Services, Library and Recruitment

The proposed time plan is for the work packages to be undertaken as follows

October 2012

  • installation on test server, and discuss with IT Services about technical fit

  • review of how other institutions have been using the Kurogo mobile framework

November 2012

  • design a number of appropriate learning activities

  • development sprint to create these learning activities

  • document and evaluate

December 2012

  • dissemination event at UCS

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