Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Taking lecture notes with your tablet using Mobile LearnUCS

We (the Elevate team) are starting to author a number of FAQs around using Mobile LearnUCS (this is the mobile app supplied by Blackboard). To start the process we've been looking at a potential workflow for a student wishing to take lecture notes (or annotating the powerpoint slides).

The following outlines the use on an iPad, however, the approach will be very similar for other devices but the apps will differ. It is based on the following assumptions; the lecture uploads a version of the powerpoint slides to their LearnUCS modules before the lecture, you have the app, you also have a stylus, have a Dropbox file storage and GoodNotes or a similar app for annotating docs and PDFs on your device.

The workflow I used was as follows;

In the lecture room I opened the Mobile Learn app, navigated to the appropriate course, clicked on the required powerpoint. The following window opened, and I clicked on the Powerpoint name. Do not select view in browser.

The powerpoint is displayed in the window. However, I clicked on the Open In ... icon and selected my GoodNotes app. I use this to annotated docs and PDFs.

This opened the app with the file in the GoodNotes app and I annotated using the stylus. To complete the process, at the end of the lecture I saved the annotated file to my Dropbox space as a PDF.

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