Thursday, 13 September 2012

Text walls offer an interesting way of gathering student thoughts during face to face teaching

We are seeing an increasing interest in the use of Clickers to gather student thoughts during face to face teaching sessions. However, many staff don't realise the Elevate team support another interactive classroom technology to facilitate student feedback. We also support the use of, which allows you to create a web space where you can gather audience views via texting, twitter or using an online form. They submit their comments as free text and are anonymous.

This could be used in a number of ways, for instance, student Q&A at the end of each session, or to feedback group work during a session. The opportunities are very exciting.

A study by Bradley, Weiss, Dobson and Holley (2010) on the use of texting in the classroom at London Met University across three case study groups, concluded "as a tool incorporated into the blend of teaching strategies it can be an effective way of introducing fun, interaction and engagement in a different way into classes, and can provide higher levels of student-lecturer interaction, and opportunities for students lacking confidence to participate more within lectures."

There are a number of non-teaching examples of it being used at the moment at UCS, including within the Waterfront Foyer, and the Technology for Learning Student Induction Session.

If you'd like to discuss how you could use a text wall in your teaching please contact the Elevate Team (


Bradley, C., Weiss, M., Dobson, C. and Holley, D., 2010. A little less conversation, a little more texting please - a blended learning model of using mobiles in the classroom. Proceedings of the Fifth International Blended Learning Conference: Developing Blended Learning Communities, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK, 16-17 June 2010, pp 1-11. ( accessed: 13th Sept, 2012)

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