Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Elevate Team Seminar Series: Session 1

The Elevate Team are running a Seminar Series for ourselves and other members of Learning Resources at UCS. The intention of this sessions is to act as an opportunity for team members to explore a particular issue and share these across the team.

As part of the sharing the intention is to provide the question and output for people across UCS.

Rules: 10 minute presentation, 5 slides only

Aaron: As agents of change at UCS, what message can we take from the case studies for lecturers to enhance their learning and teaching at UCS?

David: What can we (elevate) take from this report to inform our strategy to mainstream the mahara e-portfolio at UCS?

Andy: What is the social constructivist learning model, and what should we consider with our e-learning designs?

The next session will focus on team members walking through online course designs for our Online Easter School. In particular, online course which are content intensive, discussion intensive and a half way house.


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