Thursday, 28 February 2013

Enhancing your LearnUCS course: the why and the how

So have you been wondering about how you can enhance your LearnUCS course? Well, the link below shares emerging good practice from the Elevate Team, based on the session we ran for the PGCHEP Module 1 course this week.

The aim of the workshop was to step back and think about your course within a more holistic model. For instance, trying to shift the focus from individual tools and case studies, towards a broader improvement model. The improvement model sets the LearnUCS course within the broader setting of its role with the face to face course. The model aims to answer these key questions;

  • Are you clear on why you are using LearnUCS and what you want to achieve?

  • Have you a mechanism in place to explain the use of LearnUCS to your students?

  • Have you planned in advance the activities and tasks you are going to use? Is this achieveable?

  • Have you draw up a communication plan?

  • Have you designed your course to make it simple for students to find and complete tasks?

  • Are you including your students within your LearnUCS design?

An observation from the session was most of the lecturers identified the key driver for change was they felt they should be using it more effectively. If this is the case with you, your next steps should be contact the Elevate Team ( and we'll happily talk you through some of the possibilities.

The workshop slides are available from:


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