Thursday, 28 February 2013

LearnUCS Sys Admin Advisory Group

Monday 25th February the first LearnUCS System Admin Advisory Group met.  This group has grown out of the old Wolsey group after the summer upgrade/migration to the new Blackboard managed hosted environment.

We also have a new member to welcome to the group, Matt Hirst, Senior Course Administrator and Online Submission Coordinator.

The main item on the agenda was to find out from all of our sys admin users how the summer upgrade/migration went from their point of view, we were very pleased to hear it was all positive.

The group also discussed the planned summer 2013 upgrade, where we will be upgrading to SP12.  A demo was shown of our test environment, currently running SP11, a few of the new features were shown and everyone was pleased to hear of the changes to the text box editor, along with the new Video Everywhere feature.

David also spoke about the UCS ePortfolio system and how the learning network could use this tool to complement the VLE.

All members of the LearnUCS SAAG will be shortly be receiving access to the SP11 test environment.

We look forward to the next meeting being as positive.


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