Monday, 4 March 2013

Mahara in numbers - February

The stats for Mahara has picked up slightly over the month of February, mainly because it is introduced to students during February inductions. Currently working on ways to sustain the interest of students after they have initially investigated the Mahara service.

After reading the Jisc - Crossing the Threshold document supplementing the info kit, we've started to move forward with raising the awareness of the service and its effective use as a reflective learning tool. Hopefully when this area comes to fruition over the next few months I'm hopeful we will see the numbers normalise a bit more between our induction period peaks. I also keen to investigate what it would take to use LearnUCS' rubrics system to facilitate the Graduate Head Start programme.

Next months Mahara In Numbers will take a deeper look at what is going on behind the numbers, what bit's are being used in Mahara.

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