Monday, 11 March 2013

e-Learning Teams in HE Regional Meeting: A great success

We hosted the first meeting between the e-Learning Teams at University of Essex, University of East Anglia and UCS on Friday 8th March.

The intention was to start sharing experiences, approaches and ideas across the e-learning teams within the region to allow us all to learn from each other and transfer ideas back to our institutions.

The first meeting was successful at identifying the different roles and structures of the e-Learning Teams within the institutions. We are all slightly different in terms of who we report to, and our remits. However, it was refreshing to hear we all faced very similar challenges and opportunities so there is much we can learn from each other interms of implementing effective use of technology. The main focus of the first meeting was to build mutual understanding of what we do.

We (UCS) did agree to share out Technology Landscape Model

Based on the success of this, we'll been meeting up in late May around an agreed agenda of

  1. implementing lecture capture services

  2. models and pilots of e-feedback and e-return

  3. heads up on augmented (reality) learning

I'll update on the tangible outcomes of this meeting in due course.


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