Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Empowering lecturers to become multimedia producers

The Elevate Team have been exploring the use of iPads (tablets) to encourage lecturers to create more multimedia content for use in their teaching, learning and assessment models.

Multimedia (video or audio) offer a rich teaching medium, however, there has always been a barrier for staff to be able to quickly create multimedia content, when and where they wish to. A key constraint has been the need to use large and bulky equipment or book specialist rooms and support staff. However, these barriers are being removed through the use of Tablets (iPad or Andriod).

A means of overcoming many of these barriers has been to loan out iPad (tablet) technologies to lecturers on a weekly (short term basis) loan. With support provided to overcome digital literacy issues at various stages of the process.

Our general technology bundle includes:


  • iPad

  • Samson Meteor USB Mic

  • JotIt Stylus


  • Explain Everything

  • Voice Recording HD

  • Inbuilt Camera


We support the member of staff in teams of using the technology (buttons to push), design principles and migrating the content from the iPad to their VLE module or other destination. On many occasions this will involve the Elevate Team's YouTube channel.

Our recent loans have included:

  • creating a talk over powerpoint / presentation

  • creating a video answer for seminar problem sets

  • recording interviews and focus groups

Interestingly, staff have had few problems in using the loaned equipment, they've found the creation process straight forward and we've been able to help migrate the content off the device to be used in their teaching, learning and assessment.

A really nice example is Leigh Parratt using the Explain Everything app to create a model answer video for a range of problem sets. This is available below or from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w34yl2DIhgk.


If you have any questions or request using this technology, please email elevate@ucs.ac.uk


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