Tuesday, 4 June 2013

LearnUCS - Intermittent Access Issue - UPDATE

We are still experiencing the same intermittent issue on campus.  The investigation has shown that the issue is related to the Internet Service Providers connection to the location that our servers are located in at Blackboard, we believe a number of other institutions are also experiencing the same issue. 

This does mean the issue is not a UCS systems problem, and therefore LearnUCS will be acting normally from off campus locations.  The two internet service providers are now talking to resolve the situation, we will update here once we know more.

Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused.


We are experiencing intermittent access issues with LearnUCS from the Ipswich Campus.  This issue appears to be affecting Internet Explorer more than other browsers from computers on the network at UCS Ipswich.

We have tested with Firefox on the network and our installation works as it should, we have reports of others having issues with Firefox as well as Internet Explorer.

IT Services are investigating the problems at the moment and we will update once we know more.


Intermittent Access to LearnUCS from the Ipswich Campus


  • Slow Page Loads

  • Page Time Out Errors

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