Friday, 9 August 2013

e-learning technology landscape 2013/14

As you maybe aware the Elevate Team publish its e-Learning Technology Landscape as a means for staff and students to be more aware of the available tools and type of support and development we provide for these tools.

As part of an away day activity the Elevate Team have finalised the version for 2013/14. This includes the removal of some software, including Debut Video Capture due to it not being removed from UCS domain PCs, and our QR Code / Short URL service as we have found alternative to enable us to decommission our service. We have also removed Dropbox from our supported tools. This is due to developments in Google Drive and Mobile apps using Google Drive meaning Dropbox is not required for our e-feedback projects. 

We have also moved some services from Core to Recommended. This includes the Elevate Team YouTube Channel. From discussions with the Library we are recommending staff and students us the Library's eStream service. Our focus with respect to YouTube is to shift from providing a streaming service to how staff and students can use its as a technology for learning.

We have included a UCS (ILTS) pilots area which is intended to disseminate learning technologies where are currently exploring as part of staff pilot projects. At the moment, this includes Prezi, however, we'll add to over time.

The e-Learning Technology Landscape (2013/14) is available from:
If you have any questions, please email the Elevate Team (

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