Friday, 9 August 2013

Mahara Downtime Tuesday 13th August 7-9AM

Due to maintenance at ULCC where we host our installation of Mahara there will be a short downtime of 15 minutes on Tuesday morning shortly before 9AM.


As part of ULCC's commitment to continuous service improvement we will be performing an upgrade to some of our core network equipment on Tuesday 13/8/13 during the usual at-risk period 07:00-09:00.

As well as providing general maintenance and essential security updates this upgrade will include new features which will allow ULCC to roll out Quality of Service (QoS) and IPv6 more widely across the infrastructure.

We will upgrade the main ULCC firewall first at 07:00, resulting in a brief (<5 minute) loss of service. This will be followed at approximately 07:30 by an upgrade of one of ULCC's core switches, resulting in another brief (<10 minute) loss of service.

While we anticipate the disruption will be contained to these two windows, service should be considered at-risk for the entire at-risk window.


The service will be monitored during and after the at risk period.

If there are any problems please contact the elevate team.

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