Friday, 28 March 2014

Digital literacy events for March 2014 draw to a close ...

This weeks face to face digital literacy events have drawn to a close for March. Firstly, I'd like to thank all those who participated and contributed. Initial reactions from attendees was positive, and we'd connected with over 30 people (staff and students).

The full offered programme is available from,

There were a number of positives which came out from this coordinated programme, including,

  1. it involved staff from the greatest number of professional service teams to date (Elevate Team, Library, Learning Development, IT Services & Careers)
  2. the design focussed on a combined audience of staff and students

The session we ran during the week were;
  • Using ePortfolios as a reflective learner
  • Designing and creating your presentation: Intro to Prezi
  • Working in groups: Online collaborating using Google
  • Using Refworks
  • Why use the flipped classroom in your teaching?
  • ePortfolios for Careers and Employability
We'll be undertaking an evaluation over the next few weeks, and we are now putting the final touches to our online workshops due to be released in May 2014. The session titles will include;
  1. Getting started with Augmented Reality in your teaching (staff only)
  2. Using e-Portfolios as a reflective learner
  3. Getting started with Refworks
  4. Why use the flipped classroom in your teaching? (staff only)
  5. What can objective testing offer your teaching and assessment models? (staff only)
  6. Enhancing your learning through social media
More information around the online programme see the UCS Digital Literacy Programme

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