Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The role of the Elevate Team at validations, re-validations and re-approvals

The Elevate Team are often asked to present at validation events on the theme of "a virtual, e-learning (vle) tour". This isn't quite what we cover, so, if you do asked, what do we cover?

The first point to make is we don't focus on the technology through a tour of your existing or hypothetical LearnUCS modules. I would argue is more effective if it is covered by the course team as they have the discipline context. Therefore, if you have this material, it would be really useful for you to cover this area.

The second point is we'd love to be involved, however, our involvement needs to demonstrate progression in the learning design, and the success of a growing partnership between the teams.

I would usually suggest two roles for the Elevate Team.
  1. a short session on how the course team can effectively implement technology enhanced learning within the wider context of cross team development model we are encouraging at UCS. This session aims to demonstrate developing staff capacity within TEL, evidenced by examples.
  2. if the learning, teaching and assessment models on the proposed programme are technology rich, and/or include a pure distance learning component, it would be useful to have a member of the Elevate Team attend during the course team session.
I've included two recent presentations I have made at validation and re-approval events. As you review them, you'll get a much clearer picture of where we'd place the focus, and the importance of having some relationship with the course team, and learning materials to draw upon.

If you'd like the Elevate Team to be part of your programme's validation, re-validation or re-approval please email elevate@ucs.ac.uk

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