Friday, 7 March 2014

FAQ: Printing your assignment with feedback from LearnUCS

This FAQ is student has a student focus

Increasingly, staff are using LearnUCS to collect your assignments and provide inline feedback and comments as well as an unratified grade. You can access these assignments via the My Grades area within LearnUCS.

A common request is, how do I print out my annotated script as I'd like to read these offline?

The following two videos (no audio) illustrate how to do this using the software available on computers at UCS.

Step 1: Download your annotated file

It is important to select download with annotated comments

Step 2: Use Adobe Reader (installed on UCS computers)

  • Open Adobe Reader
  • Open the file you have downloaded (you'll see all the comments inline with your document. When you print, these become footnotes)
  • Click on Print
  • Select Summarise Comments
  • Print

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