Monday, 5 January 2015

LearnUCS December 2014 Stats

Application Insight

Below you will find the monthly stats for December 2014.  December is always one of those months that sits towards the bottom of a trough with regard to the numbers.

December is a month where we hit the end of a semester as well as have a two week break for the festive season.  Having said that, this months statistics are the best for any December since we moved to a managed hosted system in 2012.

Total Page Views
Average Page Views Per Day
Non course - 24,665
Course - 11,084
Most Active Date
Non Course - 40,531- 12 December 2014
Course - 24,446 - 12 December 2014

Application Metrics

Total Monthly Logins
Total Number of Courses
Total Number of Active Courses

With regard to the large difference between total number of courses and total number of active courses, we still have a large number of legacy courses that were migrated across from our self-hosted system that need to be manually disabled and removed.

LearnUCS Mobile Statistics for 6 December 2014 to 5th January 2015

Total unique logins for the period was 348 with 1,531 logins by those 348 users.

iOS is still the most popular operating system for those devices by far with 301 of the 348 being on iOS, that is just over 86%.

This statistics post will become a regular feature on the blog, look out for January's numbers next month.

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