Friday, 13 February 2015

Graphics Design and AR

The Elevate Team were asked to speak to a group of level 5 Graphic Design students who are currently working through their 'Interactive Screen Design' module.

The idea was to introduce the students to augmented reality, most had heard the term, but very few had seen or used it.  +Aaron Burrell  and +David Mullett led the session, from what the Elevate team do and why, to the earliest thoughts of AR and the early 1950s inventions from Morton Helig.  All the way through to the work that the Elevate Team are doing, and what might come next.

The students were very engaged and one student in particular had already been thinking of using this technology in his project.

As well as looking at augmented reality, the students were also introduced to virtual reality and the idea of the Oculus Rift.  An area that Aaron believes will grow is the blurring of the lines between AR and VR, if the ability to connect a camera to a VR headset, allowing camera's view to be layered within the VR world.

To show an example of the VR headsets the students were shown how this can be done at a low cost, starter level with a head mounted smartphone holder (as seen below).

The team left the students very enthused and are hoping to return to speak with the students again soon.

Below is the slides from the session:

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