Tuesday, 3 February 2015

LearnUCS Review 2015

Learning Services is about to start its LearnUCS (VLE) Review for 2015.

UCS has agreed to fund Blackboard as an externally hosted VLE solution for the next 3 years 2015 to 2017.

The starting point of this review will be: Blackboard (LearnUCS) is fit for purpose for Teaching, Learning and Assessment at UCS, and we should continue the license and externally hosting arrangement.

The intention of this review is to challenge the above assumption to ensure Blackboard meets UCS needs in the short term. The review will address;


Academic staff are being asked two questions for this review:

  • How are you currently using the VLE within your teaching, learning and assessment?
  • How would you like to use the VLE to enhance your teaching, learning and assessment?

The intention is to complete the review in a relatively short time period to answer the broad questions.

Data Collection Methods

Data collection will be undertaken in two formats during February 2015:
  • Face-to-face
  • Online Form
The face-to-face data collection will be undertaken by a member of the Learning Services team that is not connected to the LearnUCS service. This is to ensure a “neutral” collection of data with no bias.

A selection of twelve academic staff will be chosen to participate in the face-to-face interviews. The twelve staff will be selected from a pool of staff that are known to be:

  • Expert users
  • Intermediate users
  • Novice users
Alongside the twelve academic staff, each of the heads of department will also be asked to participate individually, Learning Services will also be able to attend department meetings.

An approach to staff at UCS Great Yarmouth to participate in the interviews as well as providing two academic staff for interview has also be made.

The intention is to also liaise with The Students’ Union to access the Student Council to ask two reworded questions in a student context. A fall back position for this is to speak with Course Reps directly.

An online form is available below to allow all other academic staff to participate if they choose:

LearnUCS Review 2015.


Analysis of the data is to be undertaken during March 2015 with an initial report being available early April 2015.


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