Thursday, 5 February 2015

LearnUCS Stats: January 2015

Application Insight

Below is the continuation of the publishing of monthly statistics for LearnUCS.  These stats cover the period from January 6th 2015 to February 5th 2015.

As mentioned last month, December is always a quieter month, due to the end of semester and the festive break.  Having said that, December 2014 was the busiest month for LearnUCS since we moved to a managed hosted system.

The stats set out below show a large jump from December as you would expect, but these are higher than we would have thought, especially the large spike on January 12th.  This spike is currently being investigated with the Academic Services team to see if it fits with the first day of a new intake and/or submission period.

Total Page Views1,593,635
Average Page Views Per DayNon course - 32,826

Course - 16,768
Most Active DateNon Course - 84,323- 12 January 2015

Course - 71,417 - 12 January 2015

Applications Metrics

Total Monthly Logins37,373
Total Number of Courses9718
Total Number of Active Courses2129

Our active course count has risen dramatically this month, by almost a quarter, this is due to the start of semester 2 and those module areas being unavailable until the lecturers are ready to release them.

LearnUCS Mobile Statistics for 6 January 2015 to 5th February 2015

Total unique logins for the period was 450 which is over 100 more than last month, with 2862 logins by those 450 users.  That number of logins is almost double that of the previous month.

iOS is still the most popular operating system for those devices by far with 386 of the 450 being on iOS.

It will be interesting to compare these with the next set of statistics to see if there is continued growth.

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