Wednesday, 15 December 2010

FAQs for Clickers

These questions and answers are from sessions we've run at UCS. They are all user generated, and in no particular order. You are recommended to see our How to Guides, and the online tutorials provided by TurningPoint >>>(


Question >>> How do I book the clickers?

Answer >>> Complete the form at


Question >>> How do I add an interactive questions to a powerpoint?

Answer >>> See our How to Guides


Question >>> How do I change the chart type once I've written the question?

Answer >>> highlight the chart you want to change, click on Insert Object, Select Chart Type, select the chart type


Question >>> If I had 10 minutes and a coffee and wanted to getting an idea of the what it can offer, where should I start?

Answer >>> I'd suggest reviewing the online (video) guides provided by TurningPoint (


Question >>> how do I not display the answer chart for a particular question?

Answer >>> select settings, and it will list all the interactive questions within the presentation. Select the question, and set display to No


Question >>> can I use images in the question?

Answer >>> Yes (to a certain degree). The question slides are normal powerpoint slide so you can add any content (images, table of data etc.,). Therefore, you can add an annotated image.


Question >>> how do I add questions on the fly (during the lecture)?

Answer >>> To include a question and set of answers on the fly (during a lecture) to clarify a point etc., is straight forward. On the question display menu (top right hand side), select the <> icon. This will open a question template. Simply type the question and answer options.


Question >>> how do I clear a poll question during to get them to re-vote?

Answer >>> on the question display menu (top right hand side) when presenting, click on the circle icon (x from the left) This will clear the poll for the question on display, and allow you ask participants to re-vote


Question >>> how do I not display the results as a percentage, but as the actual number of votes?

Answer >>> one method is to click on the toggle percent icon on the question display menu (top right hand side) when you are presenting the results.


Question >>> can I combine both sets of clickers so I can have more than 40 people vote?

Answer >>> yes, we've set the channel to 41 on both our sets of clickers. Therefore, you can use any handset from any bag :-) However, if you are using both bags, please could you sort the handsets at the end of the session into bag A and bag B.

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