Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Feedback in Gradebook assigned to Incorrect Students

Issue: Submitted feedback appears to be assigned to wrong students in Gradebook using SafeAssign tool

Description: When adding feedback (attached document) to students via SafeAssign, all appears to be correct, lecturers are reporting they added the documents to the correct students, only to go back at a later date to find either one students feedback assigned to all students or feedback spread randomly amongst students.

Status: Open - Reported to Blackboard.  Both Blackboard Support and ELTT Team unable to replicate problem.

Fix: Currently there is no fix

Work-around: After discussing this with a lecturer it was suggested to them to add the feedback document to one student, then return to the Grade Centre screen, select the next student and add their feedback.  Move through the students one at a time and return to the Grade Centre screen in between each.

This worked for this lecturer/module, they were also adding feedback from home, one train of thought is there may be a problem with caching on the external Wolsey server.

Are you a lecturer about to add feedback?

If you are, we ask that you email and let us know, Blackboard have asked us to gather evidence of this problem by recording screen captures of the process that lecturers take when adding feedback.

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