Wednesday, 22 December 2010

How do I track student responses?

  • Author: Andy Ramsden (

  • Date: 22nd December, 2010

  • Technical Keyword: Clickers, Classroom Technologies,

  • Learning Keyword: Feedback

Introduction (Description)

The aim of this How to Guide is to describe how to set up a way of tracking the student and the response device for your classroom interactions. For instance, you might set a test where you want to give individual feedback and monitor progress. In this situation anonymous responses are adequate. The solution is to use Participant Registration Tool. Given the set up time in class, I’d suggest this would work very well for small numbers. For large numbers (say above 30) please contact the ELEVATE Team to discuss potential strategies.


Step 1: watch the screencast video by TurningPoint

Step 2: Implementation suggestions

From a practical perspective, design in time for the following;

  • Create your participation list beforehand and save to your desktop.

  • Get into the lecture room a few minutes beforehand for the set up

  • Contact the ELEVATE Team to walk through the process beforehand

Where Next

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