Friday, 25 February 2011

Online Collaboration Tools

There has been some interest from various areas within UCS to have some Online Collaboration functionality, a couple of the areas that are showing an interest are the School of Nursing and Midwifery, who currently bus many students around the County at a large cost to UCS and our Learning Development Centre, based at Ipswich looking to offer remove study support.

The Elevate Team are looking at many of the potential solutions and were interested to read about the work of Nitin Parmar (@nrparmar) and the eLearning Team at the University of Bath with their use of PaperShow, which offers a type of "digital" paper and a pen that links via bluetooth to your computer.  What ever you write on the paper is displayed on screen, the digital part allows you to control more of the on screen space, as seen below:

Combining this tool with the use of Skype, the Video calling software which allows desktop sharing would mean two people in different locations would be able to both see what was being written on the paper.  The collaboration options are pretty extensive, lecturer to student feedback, lecturer to lecture collaboration etc.

As mentioned above The Elevate Team are looking at many of the available options and if you have a need for Online Collaboration in your teaching, please get in touch by either commenting on this post or by email the team at

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