Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Upcoming staff development programme (Feb to May 2011)

I'm very pleased to announce our emerging staff development programme for March to May 2011. Based on conversations with people we've tried to include a variety of approaches and topics to appeal to all.

So if you are thinking how might you enhance your teaching and learning through the use of innovative technologies, please look at the following.  All our events are free, and open to staff at UCS. To register for an event visit our events page: http://elevateatucs.eventbrite.com

So what is available over the next few months?

Our face to face staff development programme includes, workshops (2 hour - computer based), masterclass (1 hour - computer based) seminars (1 hour - non computer based) and drop-in surgeries (in the Infozone - Tuesday and Thursday, 9.00 to 11.00). The topics include;

  • Getting started with using WOLSEY in your Teaching and Learning

  • Enhancing collaborative and group learning through innovative technologies

  • How might I use objective testing in your teaching and learning?

  • Designing and developing location aware learning activities

  • How might I enhance learning through innovative technologies?

  • Enhancing face to face feedback and assessing knowledge using classroom technologies

  • Podcasting: Going beyond simply recording the lecture

  • Using Wolsey (Blackboard) for e-submission, e-feedback and e-grading

Our online staff development programme includes online courses (10 hours of study over 4 weeks), and coffee breaks (15 minute skype conference). The topics include;

  • An introduction to effective ways of using podcasting in your teaching and learning

  • What is Social Bookmarking (Diigo) and how is it being used in Teaching and Learning?

  • What is Twitter (Microblogging) and how is it being used in Teaching and Learning

For more information about this courses, including the learning objectives and the activities, see our staff development area.

To register a place, please visit our area on Eventbrite, http://elevateatucs.eventbrite.com

If you have any questions or you are interested in a topic not listed above, please email us, at elevate@ucs.ac.uk.

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