Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thoughts from objective testing workshop

I ran the last of the Elevate Teams three sessions for the e-skills for e-learning programme, with a workshop on Using objective testing in learning and teaching. This was designed as an introduction, so we looked at what are the characteristics of objective testing, how it might be used, some principles of effective formative feedback, walked through how to create and deploy a Wolsey Quiz, and a TurningPoint (clicker) quiz, and finally unleased the attendees in groups to design and deploy these objective tests.

The discussion and sharing of ideas was very rich as the exercises allowed us to quickly overcome the technical aspects & perceived barriers and focus on question design, and implementation. Infact, two of the groups didn't follow the instructions of developing objective quizzes around Tea, and instead started to work up quizzes they planned to use in the next few weeks :-)

The feedback forms where positive with the mean response being "strongly agree" to the trainer helping me feel at ease and encouraged participation, while the mean response was "agree" to overall I found the content of the session helpful.

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