Thursday, 17 February 2011

Update on progress of ILTS project (QR Codes)

The intention of this post is to overview where we are with our ILTS project. The project proposal and work packages is available from the Projects & Pilots area on this blog.


Some of the proposed work packages have shifted in response to emerging demand and interest. For instance, we allocated resource to support people in the School of Arts and Humanities who have started to implement QR Codes in some activities.

The headlines are, the Elevate Team have

  • implemented a QR Code Generator Service

  • provided a space to support a community of practice around QR Codes

  • supported staff on deploying a QR Code activity, and successfully tracked accesses

  • sort and had feedback on our QR Code Generator Service, and some exemplar learning activities

Feedback on individual work packages

  • WP 1: done:  The UCS QR Code Generator is available from:

  • WP 2: done: The Elevate Blog acts as a central online support space for a community of practice

  • WP 3: in progress: Informed by conversations with staff, the Elevate team are starting to think it might be more appropriate to develop a QR Code tour, than a game engine. We feel there will be more demand. The idea is to work on a more technology inclusive version of

  • WP 4: in progress: the survey is waiting approval via the School of Business and Enterprise Ethics Committee

  • WP 5: in progress: Presented a number of ideas at Blackboard User Conference, Durham University. Received feedback and need to write up

  • WP 6: stalled: dependent on WP 4

  • WP 7: not started: Hope to complete by end of March 2011

  • WP 8: not started: Waiting for the Elevate event management system. Have buy-in from Corporate Development to pilot

  • WP 9: not started: dependent on WP 8

  • WP 10: on going: Started with School of Arts,  enhancing the exhibition / event

  • WP 11: not due

  • WP 12: not due

  • WP 13: not due

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