Friday, 4 March 2011

A day of presentations: social bookmarking, and the future

I've spent a day of presenting ideas and work of the Elevate Team to different audiences. The first session was an short presentation to the UCS Libraries Group ( The aim of this session was to share how we provide staff and student development programmes, and exploring a number of questions around how we can work (Are there any examples I could use of using social bookmarking across the LNs? What are you doing in terms of supporting staff and students around sharing web resources? What opportunities are there for integrating these with your training materials? Would anyone like to help deliver the programme?). There was some interesting feedback around a use in the UCS Ipswich Library, implementation concerns around staff and student skills, and staff finding the opportunity to develop these learning activities. I did mention, please take advantage of one day a month when a member of the Elevate team will visit the learning network.

In the afternoon, I presented to the Online and Distance Learning Group, with the aim of disseminating the essence of our emerging operational plan for e-learning at UCS for the next 2 years (themes, tools and approaches), and to start a dialogue about the role people play to ensure this is effective. The session slides are available from:

There was lots of discussion around the communication and clarity of message. Including a few good pointers around better use of the physical communication methods. The rest of the session went well, with the ideas of podcasting, e-stream etc., so lots to think about. I'll follow up with Tim Goodchild about sharing some links through the Blackboard Course, including the booking form for the pods, the clickers and little background to Netvibes.

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