Thursday, 24 March 2011

A new featured video: Introducing the visualiser

As you've probably noticed, we've changed the featured video. This featured video is one created by the team as part of our Classroom Technologies Series: What stuff is around me? This 4 min video introduces staff to the visualiser, which is standard in most teaching rooms. This tool is often forgotten by staff but very useful for annotating material, problem classes, display material etc., The intention of the video is to demonstrate how to turn it on, click between the computer and the visualiser on the projector.

A visualiser is a powerful digital camera device that points downwards. It is connected to an LCD projector and/or your computer, enabling the teacher or presenter to display objects, documents, pictures etc with superb clarity. Most visualisers allow you to zoom in and out, and when connected to a PC capture the image as a digital photograph or a video clip. (source:

An aside, but also potentially interesting for staff at UCS, is the way the video was captured, edited and distributed. This method used a mobile device (my windows mobile phone) to record the video. I captured the title pages from recording some powerpoint slides in a teaching room in the Waterfront (using Debut Video Capture Software and joined it altogether using VideoPad Video Editor - all available on your UCS desktops) and uploaded to our unlisted YouTube channel. So if you are interested in creating video content on your mobile phone for your learning and teaching, then email us at

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