Monday, 21 March 2011

Where have all the learning technologists gone?

Members of the Elevate Team (Aaron & David) will not be on campus for the week starting the 21st March. They'll be both working on a software development project, which aims to create a QR Code Tour Generator Service, as an enhancement to our current QR Code Generator Service ( The rationale, for this is to create a web based authoring tool which will allow people to create and modify a set of QR Codes which will enable a linear, location aware learning activity for students to complete using their mobile phones. This service is required for some developments in the History Department (Harvey Osbourne, and Vivienne Aldouns) and the Ipswich Maritime Trust.

This piece of development work focus on the team adopting a new approach to how we develop software. It is based on a Scrum approach.  Scrum is an iterative, incremental methodology for project management often seen in agile software development" ( Hence, the developers, are removed from usual tasks for the duration of the project. As a consequence, we'll be running a reduced support model for Wolsey, and other e-learning tools during the week. We will be checking and responding to emails (

The key dates are as follows;

  • 21st to 25th March >> development and testing on development box

  • 28th March >> user sign off

  • 29th March >> final tweaks, documentation, set timetable / initial objectives for next sprint

  • 30th March >> write report for Elevate Team blog


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