Wednesday, 9 March 2011

So, how do we develop staff to develop effective learning activities?

One of the aims of the Elevate Team is to develop staff in how they integrate innovative technologies to enhance their teaching programmes. This is achieved by a number of different routes. One of which is to work with individuals and teams when they are developing their units. The model is not based on us giving a solution, it is more around the Elevate Team acting as facilitators and sharing good practice. The intention is to encourage staff to be reflective practitioners (which they tend to be), and complete "the design, develop, implement, evaluate, reflect, design" iterative cycle. Within this the Elevate Team can give concrete support through supporting staff on tools, and undertaking the evaluation.

A recent example of this approach has been our role with Helen Hollinworth, as she is developing a "resource intensive distance learning activity" for her students. This approach is also being implemented with the ChYPP Team (Jessica Clark, Sarah Richards and Mark Stallabrass) as we are discussing effective designs for their distance learning programme.

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