Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Interactive poster experiment - why does the price of a coffee change?

We have been interested in exploring the idea of developing Interactive Posters, where we would use both QR Codes and Augmented Reality to enable the reader to connect to additional multimedia based learning material. A scenario might be where a student submits a poster as part of an assignment, this includes quick scan links to resources, raw data, literature reviews, simulations and models. This would enable them to layer in a richer experience. Alternatively, it might be researchers disseminating their findings.

An example is linked below. The plan to pin a number of these posters around campus and monitor the usage during January 2012. We are interested in seeing a number of things, for instance does anyone actually scans them, access the resources and submit their feedback? However, a key driver for this piece of work is as a proof of concept for demonstration to staff at UCS.

A second piece of work will include using the Aurasma application to deliver of the enhanced functionality.


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