Friday, 2 December 2011

Visual Browsing & Augmented Reality - An update

I just wanted to give a quick update on the app that we used for the quick demo shown in this post "Visual Browsing and Augmented Reality", we have a number of teams at UCS interested in this technology.  One of the teams is the Marketing department who are looking to "spice up" the next prospectus, allowing prospective students to get a much more media rich experience just by picking up a printed hardcopy prospectus.

The real reason for this update is due to an update to the Aurasma Developer Studio, Aurasma are now allowing you to re-skin their app with your own branding.  So instead of getting users to download the "Aurasma" app from the app store you can point those users to the app store to download the "UCS" app, it will have full branding, splash screens, icons all of our own design etc.  As well as that, if you chose to you can also download the "Kernel" to allow you to embed the Aurasma technology into an existing app.

This is a really good step forward, and I'm sure will enhance the experience for many.

Currently this development is for iOS devices, but Aurasma are expecting to release the updates for Android devices soon.

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