Thursday, 1 December 2011

sharing and displaying ideas using iBrainstorm on the iPad

Aaron and David have been exploring the use of iBrainstorm to share a note from one iPad / iPhone / iPod to an iPad to be projected. The scenario would be around collecting ideas from students during a face to face teaching session (assuming they all had i-devices ... which is unlikely). In fact, we will be using it at the Learning Resources Development Day in January, 2012. In this scenario people will be working in pairs to answer a number of key questions. Their answers will be written on their ipad, and flicked (the power of the finger) to the session facilitators iPad for projecting. The notes will be arranged (clustered) by the presenter and we'll share the outcomes as a record of the activity.

So given our actual need, what is it and how does it work?

There are two applications which will need to be installed on an iPad (see The iBrainstorm app which acts as the master to be run on the facilitators device, and the iBrainstorm Companion (which is the iPhone app but can be run on an iPad) which lets the audience send notes to the presenter.

We'll feedback on how it went after the Elevate Team have run the iPad training for the Library and Learning Development teams at the end of this term.

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