Thursday, 18 July 2013

LearnUCS Upgrade - Student Common Tasks

With the LearnUCS Summer Upgrade taking place this weekend, we have compiled a list of common tasks and new features for students accompanied that with a video guide of how to complete the task in the new LearnUCS release. 

Please be aware that fully ratified results are available via the MyUCS system which will not be affected by the upgrade to LearnUCS.

First access of Upgraded LearnUCS: The first time you access the upgraded system you will be greeted by an overlay showing the new Global Navigation system and allowing you to create your new profile.  You are able to pull in a photograph/avatar and profile information from either Facebook or Twitter, if you are currently using those system.  This is a one way pull of information and there is no way for any information to be passed back to Facebook or Twitter.

Changes to Assignment Submissions: When submitting your assignment using a Microsoft Office file you will now be shown your submitted document in the browser window.  This new feature now allows you to view your document to confirm you have submitted the correct document.  If you haven't submitted the correct document you will need to contact your Course Administrator.  Along with now being able to view your document in the browser, your lecturer can also view and annotate your document with comments/feedback directly in the browser.

Viewing Comments and Feedback: Now lecturers can annotate documents directly in their browser, you can receive that feedback in the same browser format.  Using the new Global Navigation and Notification system you will be notified and able to directly access that feedback.

The LearnUCS system will be unavailable from 5.00pm on Friday 19th July, and will be back available by Monday 22nd July at the latest.

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