Tuesday, 16 July 2013

OMR Service Report: Administering objective tests in assessment and feedback models using optical mark reader software

The Elevate Team have been running an Optical Mark Reading Service (OMR) since 2011-12. The aim of the service is to provide an opportunity for course teams to use Objective Testing (low and high stake) in their assessment and feedback models at UCS. This service complements the use of the Quiz (Test) Engine in LearnUCS.

The usage can be divided by the following broad activities.

Admission for Radiography
  • As part of the admissions process the Radiography Team run a Literacy Test (20 questions) and Numeracy Test (24 questions). During 2012-13 the Elevate Team administered 20 tests.
Examinations and assessed work
  • IMDEC103 - January 2013 exam & resit
  • IMDPSY111 - January 2013 exam & resit
  • GCC00016 - February 2013 exam
  • IHRDIR115 - June 2013 exam

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