Tuesday, 23 July 2013

You said, we did (SARE Interim Report 2013)

This post reports on progress from the Elevate Team SARE (2012/13). This is an interim report as the full review will be completed in October 2013 in preparation for the next year operational plan.

I have clustered a number of the actions under common questions and themes.

If you have any questions about the following, please contact Andy Ramsden (e-Learning Development Manager, UCS)

How can I find out what are the supported e-learning tools at UCS?

To help staff and students identify the available e-learning tools at UCS for 2013/14, and the level of support, we have published the e-Learning Tool Landscape 2013/14.

The supported Tools within the e-Learning Tool Landscape have a set life-cycle of their own. For instance, an annual evaluation, potential annual upgrade and a review of the online and face to face support materials. A really useful way to find out what are the supported tools at UCS, and an overview of what they do is to read the annual reflections for each tool. These are available through the Elevate Team blog (http://ucselevate.blogspot.co.uk/p/reports-publications.html).

How do staff use e-learning tools to enhance their teaching, learning and assessment?

A key role for the Elevate Team is (collaborating with other teams) to foster a community of practice to share experiences and ideas of the appropriate and effective use of technology enhanced learning (teaching and assessment). We do this through a number of ways, including our face to face presentations, workshops, events, and online reports and other materials. In response to regular requests we have started two dissemination initiatives:

Discussion and positioning papers

These papers are written by various members of the Elevate Team. They aim to provide more detail on approaches and learning technologies to help staff make more informed choices. Two recent papers include;
Case studies ... In discussion with

The aim of these short (3 minute) audio interviews are to build a pool of available resources for staff to access to appreciate how other staff have been using technologies in their teaching, learning and assessment. These stories are mapped to the e-Learning Tool Landscape to ensure they are supported. They are available from;

How connected are the Elevate Team to developments at other UK HEIs?

An important role of the Elevate Team is to act as a conduit for transferring appropriate ideas and developments across UK HE to inform teaching, learning and assessment models at UCS. To help us provide this role, we interface with a wider community, including;

  1. Attendance and presentations at the Heads of e-Learning Forum (including steering group member)
  2. Attendance and presentations at JISC RSC Eastern events (e-learning & VLE forum)
  3. Steering group member of Augmented Reality Special Interest Group
  4. Member of Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (including steering group member)
  5. Attendance at Vendor events

Can users (staff and students) have a voice in the Elevate Team's direction?

The Elevate Team have been rolling out opportunities for various stake holders to have a voice in the direction we take in terms of the staff development on offer and the services we provide. The initial area of development has been the creation and management of the LearnUCS Administrators Advisory Group. There is also emerging a regular meeting with Academic Services around the course administration and e-submission. We are hoping to create advisory groups around a number of upcoming projects, including the VLE Review (due for 2013/14).

With respect to the student body the Elevate Team are further develop relationships with the Student Union, and aiming for regular presentations at Student Council.

As a member of staff / student, how can I improve my digital literacy levels?

The Elevate Team have been working closely with the Library and Learning Development teams to create a new digital literacy course for staff and students. This course will be rolled out from September 2013 onwards, and will include both face to face and online delivery. The aim of the programme is to ensure you are an effective resident of a digital world. For some background information, see

Can you help me create interactive learning materials?

We have started to explore good practice in terms of creating interactive learning materials using the Xerte software. This involves the course team and the Elevate Team working in collaboration on the learning design, creating appropriate multimedia and the final tutorial.

The Elevate Team have also been providing an audio visual service for the creation of multimedia to be included in learning activities. This includes, recording presentations, creation of talk over powerpoint and role play videos.

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