Friday, 15 November 2013

Elevate Team Staff Development Videos: November 2013


Given we are all becoming multi-modal learners - The Elevate Team are organising some support material through a featured videos series. These videos will be created by either the Elevate Team or other people, including other e-learning teams, or software vendors. We are organising these by month, and focussing on how to use the tool, or learning design considerations.

Our selection criteria will be to focus on one tool which is used regularly at UCS, and also focussing on a less well known tool.

How to use the tool

How to create and manage an announcement in your LearnUCS course: Blackboard created

Elevate Team Notes: This does not just illustrate how to create an announcement, but also how to manage them. This is important as the announcement is a key tool to communicate and provide support in your LearnUCS course.

How to create a rubric for grading student work: Blackboard created

Elevate Team Notes: The rubric feature is seldom used at UCS. The tool allows you to include a marking criteria with in a LearnUCS activity. It has potential for peer review and assessment activities using the Blog or Wiki tool.

Learning design considerations

Supporting the seven principles with LearnUCS: Blackboard created

Elevate Team Notes: This focussed on Chickering and Gamson (1991) seven principles of effective undergraduate teaching practice. An interesting approach around the learning design and navigational structure. I did think it lost its way in terms of the seven principles. Lots of tips and ideas are available. It is very long, however, the content is covered in about 30 minutes.

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