Friday, 1 November 2013

JISC - ebook challenge: Lessons for UCS

The JISC have recently published the findings (ongoing) of the challenges of eBooks in Academic Institutions (

The goal of the “Challenge of ebooks…”project is to help orientate senior institutional managers (our primary audience) and to support institutions in the effective adoption and deployment of ebooks and ebook technology. As a consequence the project helps to support the wider ambition to enable improvements in the quality and impact of teaching, learning and research and meet rising staff and student expectations.

A key message from the project to date, in terms of the creation of ebooks is the need to take a cross team approach, based around Learning Technologists, Academics and Librarians. Interestingly, we have started this at UCS with a discussions Heritage resource (ebook). This has introduced an very exciting dimension with the need to include dynamic content within the ebook.

The intention of this project will be to develop a workflow, and UCS style as a proof of concept for course teams to follow. The expectation is to develop this resource, and document the lessons learnt during December 2013.

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