Thursday, 28 November 2013

UCS based case studies which share emerging ideas around technology enhanced learning at UCS

One of the aims of the Elevate Team is to help facilitate a community of practice around the appropriate use of technology enhanced learning at UCS. To help achieve this (and the requirement to assess the impact of the Elevate Team) we have authored a number of case studies around specific themes which draw on practitioner stories.

So, if you are lecturer at UCS, what can you gain from these? I'd suggest these offer an excellent heads up on the diverse range of technology enhanced learning being developed at UCS. As a counter balance to LearnUCS, and reflect the diverse e-Learning Landscape, these case studies do not focus on LearnUCS.

For instance, Dr Kulbir Birak, Senior Lecturer, Psychology, comments
The OMR (paper based exam) has allowed us to evaluate and assess students understanding of a wide range of biological and behavioural psychology topics that other types of assessment would not allow us to do. Equally, with large cohorts in the IMDPSY111 Foundations of Biological and Cognitive Psychology module where we incorporate the OMR it allows us to assess a wide number of students and provide grades in a relatively quick time, as well as identify areas that we can provide general feedback on.
You can access the case studies as follows:

Impact of the Elevate Team (2013): Facilitating technology enhanced learning at UCS

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