Thursday, 17 July 2014

Great Yarmouth: HE Professional Discussion Day

The Elevate Team ran a two hour discussion as part of Great Yarmouth College's "HE Professional Discussion" day on the 16th July.

The slides are available below. The intention was to start lots of conversations around current and potential use of technology enhanced learning within their course design. The focus was to pitch it around how people could discover and share ideas. Therefore, we spent time unpacking support routes and communities of practice, fed by information from the Elevate Team blog.

From my perspective the session went very well, we managed to surface lots of practice which was currently going on across the course teams, and explore how we could implement a very straight forward learning design based on the flipped classroom model.

The learning model seemed to find lots of traction within the group (unless they were agreeing in the hope I'd go away). We worked through:
  1. tweaking the menu on LearnUCS so it is really clear what students need to do (so lots of task 1, task 2).
  2. including clear instructions at the start of each task
  3. embedding a youTube video (which they might create as a talk over powerpoint) or a twitter discover and share activity
  4. followed by a short quiz which asks questions about the embedded activity, including a free text question
  5. the final activity (post taught session) was to use a course blog to capture what key concepts the student took from the session (similar to a two minute essay)
The discussion then shifted to using tools and strategies to help ensure this became effective. Including the effective use of the retention centre to help communications, rubrics to speed up feedback, and how to use pre-session activity could be embedded with the taught session.

The session was left where we would follow up at start of next academic year, unless we could help over the summer.

If you'd like a similar session with your course team, Department of Learning Network, then email the elevate team (

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