Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How do I submit an Assignment in Learn?

How do I submit an Assignment in Learn?

Many courses in Learn are starting to use the Assignment Tool to allow online submission of your work.

This FAQ provides you with support on how and what to submit. Please note, your lecturer will have set the submission points to meet the assignment needs, so the details in this FAQ might not match exactly.

To confirm you are submitting your work via the Assignment Tool you should see the following image in the Assessments area:

The steps are as follows or view the video at the bottom of the FAQ

  1. Access Learn (http://learn.uos.ac.uk) - and access the module where you need to submit your assignment. If the module is not showing on Learn, you need to speak to your Course Administrator in the Academic Services Office to ensure you are enrolled correctly
  2. Locate the assignment submission point. We recommend to staff to have an area named "Assessments". If you can not find the submission point on the course, you will need to contact your lecturer to ensure they have made it available.
  3. Ensure you have followed the instructions, for instance, used the correct file format, marking criteria references, word counts etc., We recommend to staff they include information and advice on these issues.


    You should be aware that only one file can be submitted, make sure you have your coversheet, assignment and references all in one Word file before attempting to submit.

    Ensure you are using the correct file format. Even though the software will let you submit a range of file formats, most staff at the University of Suffolk will use Microsoft Word. You must submit in the file format they recommend
  4. To submit your file, click on the assessment name - a new page will open
  5. Click on “Browse for local file”
  6. Navigate to your file and click “Open”
  7. Now click on “Attach File” or click “Do not attach” if you have selected the wrong file, repeat this step to select the correct file
  8. Now click “Submit”
  9. Once the document has successfully been submitted a green information bar will appear at the top of the screen giving you notification of a successful upload (as shown below), if you are submitting a Microsoft Office document you will also be able to browse the document after it has uploaded.
Currently there is no email notification of your successful submission, we recommend you either print the page with the green information bar or take a screen capture of it.

Alternatively, if you are unsure if your submission worked, you can click on assessment link again, if you were successful you will see the date and time of your submission, along with the file you uploaded.

Below is a video "How To" showing the above process to submit your assignment.  This link contains a PDF of the submission process with screenshots of what you can expect to see when submitting.

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