Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What is LearnUCS and how might it be used?

What is LearnUCS?

LearnUCS is the name for the University Campus Suffolk's virtual learning space. It is a password protected area for staff and students at UCS to share materials, interact with staff and students, communicate and complete tasks.

You can access LearnUCS, using your UCS username and password at http://my.ucs.ac.uk or directly via http://learn.ucs.ac.uk.

How might it be used on my courses?

LearnUCS can be used in many ways on your course during your time at UCS.

Most commonly you will find module information such as, handbooks, reading lists, timetables available from the "Information" menu inside of the module homepage. Most lecturers will also add their lecturer notes, presentations and resources available from the "Learning Materials" menu.

You may also be asked to submit your assignments online through LearnUCS, this feature also allows for plagiarism checks to safe guard your work from being copied.

An increasing number of courses are starting to take advantage of the many features available, you may be asked to participate in:
  • Online Discussion Boards
  • Using blogs and journals
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Listening to Podcasts
  • Watching Videos
Another feature that will be very important to your studies is the Assignment Toolkit. The library contains a very large e-Resources area, allowing you access to many e-Book, e-Journals, databases as well as offering help on referencing for your assignments. The Learning Services also offers a vast collection of resources that will help you through your studies, guides on academic writing, presentation skills and many more.

You can access both the Assignment Toolkit and Learning Services resources by clicking the resources menu option in your module menu.

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