Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some uses of Twitter in Teaching and Learning: Example from PGCAP

The following outlines how the PGCAP course team are encouraging students to use Twitter within their teaching and learning.

The expected models of use of social media within the PGCAP context, are;
  1. developing your (informal) personal learning network - keeping up with the latest news and views from the authors and organisations on your indicative reading list
  2. developing your (informal) social learning - support the dissemination of resources across the cohort and within your learning sets.
  3. Professional use of Social Media at UCS
Be aware, social media can be a double edged sword. Read the awareness, support materials and toolkits on My UCS ( Any further questions with respect to effectively managing your online presence, please contact Learning Services (

In class tasks
  1. Create a Twitter Account (assuming you do not already have one) -
  2. Follow the following people / organisations (based on your Indicative Reading from the PGCAP Handbook)
    • Beetham, Helen
    • Salmon, Gilly
    • Goodyear, Peter
    • Higher Education Academy
    • Elevate at UCS
    • JISC
  3. Find an online resource or case study (including YouTube) which explains or applies the Flipped Classroom Teaching Model. Tweet the link to this resource, and use the hashtag: #ucspgcap
The student induction and support material included a set of short how to videos, and advise on creating you account. The intention is to include the hashtag search within the course area, and make reference in the face to face sessions.

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