Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How is multimedia (video) being used in teaching and learning at UCS? Will the current approach for managing multimedia meet future needs?

The following post outlines a small scale research (thought leadership) piece of work the Elevate Team will be undertaking in over the next few months. If you have any questions, or would like to contribute your story, please contact

What we are doing?

The broad aims of this research project are to undertake a preliminary exploration into how multimedia (video) is currently being used at UCS within teaching, learning and assessment, and draw out some likely future requirements from lecturers. This research project is to act as a landscape study, to identify where we are now, where might we might need to be in the future with respect to multimedia.

The study will review the current Elevate Team model for multimedia creation, storage, distribution and archive of multimedia, with the aim of suggesting future enhancements within the service. This will include exploring alternative service provisions.

The output of each phase will be a short report made available through the Elevate Team Blog, and the final report (combination of all outputs and recommendations) will be reported back to the UCS’s LTAG and IT Services Strategy Group for information.

What is the timeframe?
The proposed timeframe is March-June 2015, with three key phases;
  1. Review of the Elevate Team Multimedia Support Model: March 2015
  2. User Stories (Lecturer’s Tales): April 2015
  3. Alternative Institutional Support Models: June 2015
Methodology: Lecturer Stories
Undertake a number (target 20) 1-2-1 semi structured interviews. These aim to answer two question.
Answer two questions:
  1. How are your currently using multimedia (video) in your teaching, learning and assessment?
  2. How would you like to use multimedia (video) in the future?
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