Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Using multimedia in T&L: the low tech option was the real winner

We have just run a workshop session for staff in Health on using multimedia in teaching, learning and assessment. The session seemed to be well received. Something which struck David and I was the enthusiasm around using the flip cam to generate the materials.

The context was we'd shown them the Katie Gimbar's Flipped Classroom FAQ: How do you make your videos and why? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Icn8kMoH28Y&feature=youtu.be).

A couple of interesting educational approaches where mocked up:

  1. students generating the materials, uploading to the course YouTube area, and integrate within a blog comment / discussion within the VLE. This is designed around collaborative learning, and personal reflection.
  2. a simple means of creating and annotating talk over slides, or generic feedback. This could be as simple as attaching the flip camera to a tripod, arranging so it will capture the printed slides / pages, to allow a round table discussion. This could be used as either a pre-session (lecturer creates it) or post-session (students creates a summary of the session) activity. The video is quickly uploaded to YouTube, some basic editing and then embedded within the VLE.

The use of the flip cam resonate with staff around the quality of the video / audio and how low tech it was in terms of capture, editing and distribution.

Something which came out of the discussion was the realization where are aiming for good enough quality, it is authentic for the students (it is their lecturer, or peers), and maximise the audio (external mic plug into to flip camera). Also, perhaps we should be running a short YouTube editing masterclass.

If you'd like to discuss these ideas further or how you might bring them into your teaching and learning, please email the Elevate Team (elevate@ucs.ac.uk)

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