Monday, 9 March 2015

LearnUCS Stats: February 2015

Application Insight

Below is the continuation of the publishing of monthly statistics for LearnUCS. These stats cover the period from February 6th 2015 to March 5th 2015.

Comparing these numbers to last month we have had a very small dip, this, we believe is due to these stats being the month after the start of a new semester, with the initial flurry of both staff and students accessing the newly released modules.

Total Page Views1,342,625
Average Page Views Per DayNon course - 31,452

Course - 15,362
Most Active DateNon Course - 45,988- 10 February 2015

Course - 24,451 - 10 February 2015

Application Metrics

Total Monthly Logins36,275
Total Number of Courses9748
Total Number of Active Courses2017

LearnUCS Mobile Statistics for 6 December 2014 to 5th January 2015

Total unique logins for the period was 466 with 3,144 logins.  This shows another significant rise in the use of the mobile app.  This may be to do with our new Blackboard License that includes the mobile app as a free download for users.

iOS is still the most popular operating system for those devices.

It will be interesting to compare these with the next set of statistics to see if there is continued growth.

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