Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The current Multimedia Service from Elevate Team: Part of Multimedia Review

What service do we offer to academic teams at UCS (Ipswich)?

The first question is to answer, how does our service complement IT Services?
IT Services are responsible for the AV in teaching rooms, and the installation of software on desktops. The Elevate Team take ownership over creation of multimedia teaching and learning objects, and staff and student training on specific software;
  • Screencastify
  • YouTube
  • Audacity
  • Tablet (ExplainEverything & HD Record)
The Elevate Team provide the following services to staff at UCS for the creation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment materials.
  1. Loan Elevate Team Equipment (camera, mics, tripod), for staff to capture material. Use Elevate YouTube channel. We offer minimal editing (background noise, volume and top & tail) and provide links to unlisted videos,
  2. Require The Elevate Team to capture, edit and upload multimedia (this covers Video and Audio)
  3. Use Elevate Team offices and equipment for screencasting. Use Elevate YouTube channel.
  4. Google Hangouts (web conferencing). Use the Elevate Account, and Elevate personnel to manage the event and provide training. Output into Elevate YouTube Channel
  5. Advice around the use and capture of multimedia for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. This will include, top tips, copyright of 3rd party material, OERs, and Consent
  6. Bespoke multimedia intensive,augmented / location aware learning objects
What Hardware & Software do the Elevate Team use and/or support?

Capture Process
  • Hardware
    1. Camera
    2. Mics (Desk & Clip)
    3. iPads
    4. FlipCams
    5. Dictaphone
    6. Pop Shield
    7. Tripods
  • Software
    1. Screencastify
    2. Audacity
    3. Inbuilt tools on iPads
    4. Record HD (audio) on iPads
    5. Explain Everything on iPads
Editing Process
  • Software
    1. iMovie
    2. YouTube
    3. Audacity
    4. GarageBand
    5. Aurasma
Distribution Process
  • Software
    1. YouTube
    2. SoundCloud
Archive Process
  • Software
    1. YouTube
    2. SoundCloud
Deletion Process

With respect to student presentations, once the material has been uploaded during the Distribution stage, all materials will be deleted from Elevate Team hardware. For other materials (uses) we will discuss the archive and deletion of the raw files on case by case basis.

There is no deletion policy for material held / uploaded to YouTube. The material will remain until the Elevate Team informed by YouTube / Google around space requirements. If this occurs, the oldest material will be deleted first, although we will endeavour to keep material within the last three academic years.

What training provision (direct and indirect) do we provide?

An objective of the Elevate Team is to build capacity within staff and students at UCS to take advantage of the opportunities offered through multimedia within their teaching, learning and assessment models. Our current provision is based around;

Online (self paced) - Getting Started Resources, and Guides
Face to Face - Bespoke session for course teams

It is suggested this area needs to be re-designed. In particular, the need for a coherent online and face to face programme. Including;
  • development of a specialist half-day multimedia workshop
  • creation of Getting Started resources for Screencastify, and Audacity
  • authoring of a guide which explores the effective use of multimedia in Teaching and Assessment

Broad Recommendations (these are all owned by the Elevate Team)
  1. Review and publish an archive and deletion policy for local and cloud materials.
  2. Identify any risks in terms of data protection of multimedia material.
  3. Extend our current staff and student development programme for multimedia to ensure it is more effective, and covers the core software.
  4. Identify skill and knowledge gaps within the Elevate Team, and identify how these are going to be addressed.
  5. Audit hardware to identify gaps in our provision to meet future demands.

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