Friday, 27 May 2011

AMC #QRCode Treasure Hunt

The Administrative Management Committee are hosting their annual “away day” at the Ipswich Waterfront building this year.  Normally some form of team building quiz takes places, this year a treasure hunt was the order of the day, the Elevate Team will be supporting the treasure hunt with the use of QR Codes.


  • A 20 question multiple choice quiz with the questions being based around the Waterfront Building

  • 20 teams

  • Teams ending in Kai, with the scoreboard being displayed once they arrive


  • A mobile phone of one team member of each team to be used to access and answer questions

  • Each team given a name

    • Team A

    • Team B etc.

  • Use of QRTour generator to create QR Codes and SUrls for links to mobile friendly questions

  • Mobile friendly web page for each question

  • Web page contains form that writes to database

    • Drop down list of Team names – Select your team name

    • Radio button options for multiple choice answers

    • Correct answer writes a “1” to the database, an incorrect answer writes “0”

  • A results page queries the database and displays the scoreboard

    • Ping Google Chart API to create on the fly bar chart

This brief fits the recently developed QRTour generator perfectly, the idea being that each question would be a point of interest on the tour.  The tour generator would create a QR Code that loads the question on the mobile device, as the tour also provides a short URL on the poster, users without a reader can still take part.

After some good work from David we have a proof of concept up and running, below is how the QR Code will be displayed, the poster is produced on the fly in PDF format by the generator, we will be creating a new “Treasure Hunt” template to remove the “Tour” type references.

QRTour Poster

Once the code is scanned or the short URL is entered on the phone, the browser will load the mobile friendly question as shown below:

Mobile Friendly Question Page


All questions are now in the xml file that the aspx calls from, the results page is working, but just needs styling.

Tasks Left

  • Creating the mobile friendly site to host the questions

  • Styling the results page

  • Training Torri to create the QRTour which will host the questions

  • Stick QR Codes to locations around the campus

So, we have a system that allows multiple teams participate in a treasure hunt, finding the questions around the building, scanning a QR Code to allow them to submit each answer.  Then when they all meet back up in Kai's the winners will be known as the scoreboard will be updated in realtime.

It should be fun, and another proof of concept for our "QRTour Generator".


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